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I’ve had to learn to live life on the positive side. If I can do it, I know anyone can. My goal here is to share my experiences, have others share their's and together we can help and encourage each other to be better people. As we all know, success in life takes effort, a change in behavior and the realization that you have to do both to succeed. Maybe you are one of the millions of people who begin every year saying, “This year is going to be different. This year I’m going to make my dreams come true”. If you do not prepare and change your actions from your current path for the upcoming year, do you really believe you will end up at a different destination than last year? What if we did it together, supporting each other on a daily basis. I hope you'll join the journey of finding positive light in an ever negative world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Few More Selected Quotes

The grand awakening happens when you can see for the first time that the only thing which can bring you true happiness is you. When you love yourself that much, you have awakened to the glory, warmth and magnificence that is empowerment. The truth is you are everything you will ever need, and anything and everyone that comes along for the ride, makes life a sweeter more delicious experience. Wendy Shaw 8/3/10

If you knew for sure you couldn’t fail, would you hold anything back? Guess what? You can’t fail! Start by focusing on the future and not on where you’ve already been or are now. When you focus on where you’ve been, you’ll get more of where you’ve been; when you focus on where you are, you’ll get more of where you are; and when you focus on where you’re going, you’ll eventually go there. Hmmmm…YES it’s that simple. Wendy Shaw 8/5/10

Without a keen sense of personal power, the soul cries for freedom from the restrictions you have allowed to be imposed on your behalf. It’s like a cleansing rain, washing away your misconceptions and allowing a clear view of who you are really meant to be. Wendy Shaw 8/31/10

The amazing abilities of one individual can out shine the ordinary efforts of 10,000 men. - Every circumstance you have lived has been one chosen by you to create understanding, compassion and a warm glow of love and acceptance (a torch of light) by which your soul can share its true message to others who are in need of understanding. An understanding that these amazing gifts lay within them too if they are willing to accept the responsibility of their divine greatness. Wendy Shaw 9/1/10